Technical Direction * Lighting * Sound
Over 30 years private, commercial & industrial experience

Presentation & Production Support Services


Follow spots (from fit in the back seat, to arena size) Footlights (decorative, several bulb styles)
Par 64's, Fresnels, Leko's, Strip lights Moving lights (various sizes)
Dimming (with computer control) Blacklights
Pin beams with or without spinners (works well with mirror balls)  

Special Effects

Mirror balls (different styles, sizes & hanging options) Strobes: small, medium, and large
Smoke (a foggy day in London town) Fog (stay on the ground)
Haze (creates a 3-D presence to the light beams) Snow machines (wet or dry)
Snow bags (dry) Electric balloon bags
Marshmallow Drops Bubble Machines
Confetti Geysers (continuous self feed) Confetti Cannons (or streamers)
Indoor pyro (very safe and spectacular)  

Additional Support

Power distribution and generators Trussing, roofs, stages, rigging gear, drapes
Show automation Radio controlled display carts ( heavy enough for cars, US Patent)
Communication Systems Technical Direction, Planning and Management

Wide range of Audio and Video presentation services and equipment also available.